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A year of rising talent.

Our heart and soul has always been on supporting rising artists, and this year was a testament of that. This past year, we covered artists that released incredible projects, but who have also proved to us with their creativity, uniqueness, and talent that this is just the beginning of a bright future. From songwriters to producers, here are the names shaping the future of music.


Sam Austins

In 2021, the Michigan-made alternative artist released his debut album, HOMELESS STAR. Drawing inspiration from the highs and lows of his life and incorporating electric influences, Sam Austins continues producing ground-breaking music that is authentically a result of his creative genius.


Bendigo Fletcher

The band captures what it’s like to be human with folk-rock spectacularly infused with psychedelic twang.



MAX released his first album in 2016, which featured his certified triple platinum song, "Lights Down Low."



WILLIS is the Nashville indie band that has been racking up million streams thanks to their unique sound.

ella jane - by Paris Mupower.jpg

Ella Jane

No one is writing songs like 21-year-old songwriter Ella Jane. Her unique storytelling make her one of the best lyricists of the moment.


New Rules

Lucy Dacus

You've definitely seen Alec, Nathan, and Ryan from New Rules all over the internet. From touring with Little Mix to going viral by writing songs about fans on TikTok, New Rules continues to carve their own path, breaking into the U.S. music space with an incredible promise of talent, authenticity, and feel-good music. 

If there is an artist that pours her heart and soul into her music, it's Lucy Dacus. The singer-songwriter and producer from Virginia tapped into her childhood journals to write her third album, "Home Video." She is a member of boygenius, the band that includes Phoebe Bridgers and Julien Baker.


Zack Fox

At the intersection of visual art, rap music, and internet culture, Zack Fox is a true creative at heart.


Peach Pit

Peach Pit's latest album “From 2 to 3” introduced an organic element to the band's already smooth sound.


Jensen McRae

With a unique ability to capture life and identity through music, Jensen McRae has got all of our attention.



With their new album out, Flipturn earned more than 50 million streams on Spotify alone.



Whitney transports crowds with the transcendent and unparalleled quality of their music.


J Solomon

The Philly native entered a new era in 2022, which has seen him create his best music yet.


Laundry Day

This band's unique sound has delivered some of our favorite songs of the year, leading off with "Jane."



Last year, the Oregon band released their best album yet, “Future Sunshine.”


Quinn XCII

Staying true to his midwest roots, Quinn XCII continues to show why he’s one of the best lyricists.


Benson Boone

Since he made a lasting impression on American Idol, Benson Boone has been climbing up the charts fast.

Breakout British singer-songwriter Holly Humberstone had one of the biggest years in the industry. She was an opener for Olivia Rodrigo's SOUR Tour, which saw her perform in New York, Boston, and Austin. The artist curated songs from her two incredible EPs to release her album, "Can You Afford to Lose Me?"


Julia Wolf

The New York artist had a fantastic year which included opening for Fletcher and working on her debut album.



Not only is Laya producing music unlike anyone else, she’s one of the most entertaining artists to see live.



Maisie Peters

When it comes to writing profound, tear-jerking emotional songs, Camylio remains undefeated. His unique lyricism is enhanced by his powerful vocals, and this past year saw him releasing his most honest and raw music yet.

Hailing from the U.K., Maisie is a dynamic artist that has managed to create one of the most loyal and unique communities in music. A master of storytelling, Maisie's innovation of pop music will continue to deliver some of the best songs we've ever heard.

Maude Latour_edited.jpg

Maude Latour

After her success last year, the New York City-based has become one of the most promising names in pop.



The indie-pop trio experienced a sudden rise as queer icons who are blazing their own path. 

Lindsey Lomis_7704-.jpg

Lindsey Lomis

After releasing her EP “DAYDREAMING" Lindsey enchanted crowds as the opener for Joshua Basset's fall tour.


Briston Maroney

The 22-year-old Tennessee artist continues to deliver music that is uniquely Briston Maroney.

IMG_011_NK (2)-min.jpg
EDITED_SOUND ON SOUND_9.24_003-min.jpg

Noah Kahan

Zach Bryan

The Vermont-native graced his first ever cover of MUD in the fall of 2021. Since then, he’s crafted two honest, momentous albums that honor his roots and capture his evolution as an artist and a person through his unique sound. 

There is no doubt that Zach Lane Bryan is one of the most genuine artists in the industry. He’s a unique storyteller who loves sharing his music with people, and is genuinely grateful for the chance to chase his dreams one day at a time.


The Happy Fits

Our photographer deemed this energetic band as three of the most “chill and kind humans” she’s ever met. 



Last year, Sloan Struble brought his unique magic on the road with his electric new album, "People in Motion."


Oliver Hazard

Honoring their midwest roots, the band hosts a one-of-a-kind music festival in Waterville, Ohio.


Thomas Headon

One of the most fun artists to watch live, Thomas Headon has quickly earned favorite status in our book.

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