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LAUNDRY DAY Pays Tribute to Their History with "We Switched Bodies"

Fresh off their latest release "The Knots,” MUD caught up with the Manhattan-based band to discuss the heart of their upcoming album and tour.

LAUNDRY DAY releases new song "The Knots" ahead of their upcoming album "We Switched Bodies"
Photo: Camilla Ffrench

Congrats on “Did You Sleep Last Night?” What do you hope listeners take away from this new song?

Jude: That we can do whatever we want. Seriously. We keep tapping into new sonic worlds and expanding the definition of what a LAUNDRY DAY song can be. And that’s never gonna stop.

Sawyer: I think a lot of times it’s really easy to question yourself and be your worst enemy. I felt like there was a period of time where collectively everyone felt so down on themselves. I think the song just feels really confident and I’m proud of that, I think we all need to remind ourselves sometimes that we have the power to overcome anything if we set our hearts on it.

Your upcoming major label debut “We Switched Bodies” is coming out so soon! We’d love to know, at its core, what’s the story and message of this dope project?

Etai: The beauty of our band is that we would definitely all give you a different answer to this question. To me, this album is a journey to the core of LAUNDRY DAY. Since starting this album process in February 2020, our main goal was just to create a body of amazing, undeniable SONGS that translate both on paper and in recording. In the past, we may have let an overarching concept or vision serve as our North Star while writing, but with "We Switched Bodies" we really found out what our band sounds like when all the bells and whistles are stripped. Just reaching around in the dark for the best, most inspiring SONGS! In many ways, this album might as well be self titled. We pay tribute to NYC, the environment that raised us, musically and visually. We strengthened and deepened our relationships with each other by embarking on this journey to our core. While that two-year journey wasn’t always easy or straightforward, we’ve emerged stronger and more interconnected than ever.

Jude: First of all, thank you for calling it dope. Second of all, I second Etai. This album started as just random ideas, no “north star," no concept, but it eventually became clear that the whole album was about making it. So meta. But yeah — every song talks about what it’s like to be in a band, the internal dialogue that comes with that. And yes, I agree this album is a tribute to NYC, but I’m gonna go out and say it’s even more so a tribute to us. Everything we’ve gone through, everything we’re going to go through. We made this album for ourselves. It got us through the past year or so. And I’m honestly so excited to put it out so that we can move the fuck on!

Henry: When starting the album, I think there was a mindset that this needed to be our Opus, and that we needed to make something bigger than us. We were really ambitious with the actual recording techniques and concepts for the songs, and we quickly realized it wasn’t working to our benefit. After a bunch of uncomfortable discussions, we realized we needed to rethink how this album was going to get made, but more impo