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Zach Bryan Is Creating Magic on Tour

Alt-country artist Zach Bryan made his first stop of the year in New York City, selling out an iconic East Village venue for a night filled with his unique sound.

Zach Bryan may not be a household name in the country scene just yet, but the 25-year-old is still selling out shows across the country. Last Friday night, the rising singer packed the iconic Webster Hall venue in the East Village. Everyone in the city seemed to be there: from die hard country fans sporting cowboy hats and roper boots to the classic Manhattan college crowd. Aside from being an incredible performer, Zach Bryan has a unique talent to foster a community around his music.

This was my first time witnessing Zach's magic live, and I genuinely can't stop talking about how special it was.

After eight years of service in the Navy, Zach is now dedicating his life to introducing a fresh, authentic sound that is redefining country. His current spring tour began in New York, and features stops in Miami, Denver, and the country capital of the world, Nashville. It's been quite a journey since the Oklahoma native rose to fame three years ago. His charm captivated us with his first single, “Heading South.” The song now has over seventy million streams on Spotify alone.

As much as we all like to say our favorite artists are different, Zach truly honors this statement. His music blends the south-inspired lyricism that packs tons of emotions with a folk-leaning sound that resembles the likes of Lord Huron and Mumford & Sons with an Oklahoma flare. While I've been blasting Zach Bryan on my favorite playlists, to hear him live is quite an experience.

I've been to plenty of concerts at Webster Hall, and the most special thing about this venue is the creative freedom it extends to artists. Webster has crafted a space they can make their own, and as a result, make their audience feel right at home. In the past, alt-pop and rock artists have taken full advantage of this through light shows, neon signs, and putting the venue's speakers to the most demanding tests. Even with a country artist, I assumed it'd be no different.

There were no gimmicks or special lighting at the concert, but Zach Bryan's presence on stage does not need any of that. He stepped out with his acoustic guitar, where the crowd welcomed him with the same warmth you would an old friend. It doesn't take long for his voice to arrest the attention of the room, and this is when the magic is born.

Out of all the artists that I've witnessed in New York, no one has had such a crowd response as Zach Bryan did on Friday. From the front row to the farthest corner on the second balcony, every single person chanted the lyrics back at him, creating a chorus that sent chills down my spine. Somehow, the concert also manages to feel intimate. Experiencing Zach Bryan on tour is like sitting around the fire on his backyard, where he decided to pull out his guitar and tell you his life story through a series of songs. And whether it's your first time listening to the story or you've been familiar with it from the beginning, you can't help but let the words swell your heart with indescribable joy a sense of community.

In between songs, Zach expressed how grateful he was for everyone who showed up that night. For the first half, he let his music speak for itself. But as the night progressed, Zach voiced his emotions with stints of laughter and genuine happiness. Even when some of his songs lend to making you feel sentimental over a cold beer, this man is a force of optimism. He might be selling out shows across the country and racking up streams beyond the millions, but on stage, Zach bares his soul and reveals who he truly is:

An artist who loves sharing his music with people, and is grateful for a chance to chase his dreams one day at a time.

Through an Instagram post, Zach shared his excitement for the tour ahead of him and gifted his listeners a reminder that speaks to his authentic roots. "Give your heart but keep your head."


For tickets and tour dates, visit Zach Bryan's website. Make sure to follow Zach on Instagram for the latest news and updates.


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