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Quinn XCII Has Created His Best Album Yet With "The People's Champ"

The singer-songwriter introduced his fifth-studio album "The People's Champ" with a surprise release party at the Hard Rock Hotel in New York City.

Detroit-native Quinn XCII has returned with his fifth-studio album, "The People's Champ." Capturing his genuine essence, this project introduces a new era for the artist, which simultaneously positions him as one of the most talented and versatile songwriters of the moment. Down-to-earth and incredibly vibey, "The People's Champ" is a twelve-track album that features an incredible roster of collaborators, which includes Chelsea Cutler, AJR, Big Sean, and Adrian Cota. Overall, the album stays true to everything we already love about Quinn XCII: his humble approach to life, his midwest spirit, and his focus on letting things be and enjoying the ride that is life.

However, as true as this album is to his roots, it also puts on a master class on multi-genre music. I admire that Quinn XCII is not afraid to surprise listeners. Listening to "The People's Champ" is a journey in itself, where he leads us through a stellar lineup of beats and melodies complemented with creatively profound lyrics. The stories within this album are uplifting, yet hold so much potential that I wouldn't surprised to hear them playing everywhere from coffeeshops to nightclubs, transcending ages and backgrounds. It is crafted with individual pieces that we can all resonate with, ultimately creating a shared experience that carries that universal factor he achieves so well in all of his work.

"Even five records in, I feel like I have to fight for my stripes and prove myself. This is an underdog story, so I thought 'The People's Champ' was a funny way to describe it. A lot of the process was going back to the basis of making fun Quinn-sounding records people will resonate with." - Quinn XCII

All in all, this album is quite a special gift to Quinn XCII's fans, but it can easily become the reason why new listeners grow to love the artist. There is no doubt his body of work is storied and contains so much experience across the board, but "The People's Champ" cements Quinn XCII as one of the most versatile musicians in the industry right now.


Make sure to listen to "The People's Champ" which is out now on Spotify and all streaming platforms. Follow MUD on Instagram for the latest music releases.

Photography by @cristigtzname.

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