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Tour Diaries: Peach Pit

Peach Pit amped up their music and performance for a sold-out crowd in Columbus, Ohio.

Photos: @lucykjoness

Peach Pit put on an unforgettable show to a sold out crowd in Columbus, Ohio during one of the last stops of their "Right Down The Street" North American Tour. Peach Pit packed the historic Newport Music Hall, bringing in a wide demographic of enthusiastic fans. Songs such as "Alrighty Aphrodite" had fans singing along to the top of their lungs. Peach Pit's electric intensity and joyful chaos had everyone's eyes glued to the stage, regretful to miss even just second of their on-stage antics.

Hailing from Vancouver, Canada, Peach Pit members Neil Smith (vocals + guitar) Mikey Pascuzzi (drums), Chris Vanderkooy (guitar), and Peter Wilson (bass), banned together in 2016 to release their self-titled single "Peach Pit," to much acclaim. The band's debut album Being So Normal released in 2018, with You and Your Friends following in 2020; both albums finding success among new and old Peach Pit fans.

Peach Pit's most recent album From 2 to 3, released March 4, 2022, introducing a more organic sound to the band's already smooth sound, many of the members playing multiple instruments like the harmonica and lap steel among other various instruments. When discussing the album, vocalist Neil Smith stated, "From 2 to 3 is a collection of songs that were written late at night, alone in a small apartment with a hushed voice so as not to wake anyone." This tidbit offers a new lens to enjoy the album through as songs such as "Look Out!" are direct nods to those neighborhoods and late nights.

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Relive the concert below with photos by Lucy Jones.


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