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Anke Richards Releases New Single, "Fantasies"

The South African singer and songwriter announced that in the coming months she will be releasing several original songs.

Photo: Michaela Swanepoel

Your new single "Fantasies" is incredibly unique. How was the process of creating it from the first idea to recording it in the studio?

AK: The creative process behind my new single "Fantasies" was an intimate and personal journey. The lyrics of the song were a reflection of my innermost thoughts and emotions, plucked straight from the pages of my diary. As a musician, I have an innate desire to infuse music into every word I write, and it was no different with this song. I shared my demo with my producer, who then brought his own magic to the table and together we meticulously crafted the final version. With constant experimentation and refinement, we worked towards a shared vision of creating a dreamy and ethereal soundscape. The final result is a culmination of our shared passion and creativity, and I am incredibly proud of the outcome.

You've got some exciting music coming in the next few months. Is this part of a collective project or does each song have its own story?

AK: I am thrilled to announce that I will be embarking on an exciting journey of releasing new music over the next six months. Each month, I will be unveiling a new single, each with its own unique story and character. Instead of releasing them as a collective project, I want each song to have its own moment in the spotlight, to be appreciated and celebrated on its own terms. Each release is an opportunity for my listeners to delve deeper into my artistry and discover the various facets of my creative expression. This is an exciting time for music lovers, as they will be treated to a diverse collection of songs, each one a reflection of my growth as an artist. I am eager to share this journey with my fans and can't wait for them to hear what I have in store.

What are some things you're looking forward to this year?

AK: As the year unfolds, I am filled with anticipation for opportunities to take the stage and bring my art to life through dynamic live performances. I am eager to delve deeper into this realm of expression and to share this journey with my audience through social media documentation. Additionally, I am open to the possibility of collaborating with esteemed artists and songwriters, whose work has long inspired me. I am ready for an impactful and transformative year, filled with growth and creativity.


Listen to "Fantasies" by Anke Richards on Spotify and all streaming platforms. Follow Anke on Instagram to keep up with her upcoming releases.


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