made for young people, by young people.

Mud seeks to answer the question,  “what does it mean to be young today?” through the lenses of internet culture, fashion, identity, entertainment, and more.

our story

a platform to connect young creatives.

Mud began as an independent magazine that provided young creatives with spaces of self-expression. When Hector Gutierrez, founder and creative director, couldn’t obtain an internship, he decided to create his own professional experience. He envisioned a platform where young people could connect, learn, and pursue creative projects. 

internship program

unleash your creativity.

Our internship program takes place during the fall and spring, and remotely over the summer. Mud was born to give college students the opportunity to learn, engage, and evolve in professional roles at a media company.

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Editorial Director

Megan Keane

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Content & Design Director

Emily DeGennaro

Cristina Gutiérrez


Bryan Casey


Kylee Harvey

Staff Writers

Isabel Cuddy

Julia Pizzuto

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Anaya Vance

Kaylin Ciesluk

Madison Shea

Gabrielle Fezza

Renice Desrosins

Mackenzie Maher

Marketing & PR

Amy Petrovich

Hailey Tyler

Julian Pedrouzo


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Jessica Katrick

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Julia Kukulka

Shane Richardson

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Daria Rudakova

Meghan McKay

Serena Nguyen

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