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In the MUD: Maude Latour

Alt-pop singer and songwriter Maude Latour opens up about the creative process of giving life to her latest single, "Headphones."

Alt-pop singer and songwriter Maude Latour opens up about the creative process of bringing her new single to life, "Headphones." The 21-year-old senior at Columbia also reflects on college, her EP "Strangers Forever" and her single, "One More Weekend."
Photo: Anna Koblish

Maude Latour is a name you're about to see everywhere.

The alt-pop singer had a breakthrough year in 2021 with the release of her major label debut EP, "Strangers Forever." This unique project contains some of her most popular songs to date, including "One More Weekend" which has racked up over twenty million streams on Spotify alone. With other unique gems such as "Clean" and "Furniture," Maude continues to stand out for her unique and fascinating approach to sharing relatable life experiences through music.

Self described as a "worshipper of the overly lyrical metaphysical world," Maude Latour's sound and lyricism come across as poetry that she can sing. From her experiences with heartbreak to dream-like details of living in New York, Maude's music contains a universal quality, yet as a listener, you can deeply connect with every word she's singing as though it was written for you.

Her latest single, "Headphones" is a reflection of Maude's growth and journey from a bedroom artist into an evolving and mature musician. The nostalgic and emotional sound of this prodigious song rivals the likes of Lorde's "Stoned at the Nail Salon" and King Princess's "Holy." Yet, after getting to hang out with Maude and listening to the process behind this single, it is clear that "Headphones" is a testament of the unparalleled sound that is authentically hers.

As she prepares to wrap up her college career at Columbia University in Manhattan, the rise of the 21-year-old musician is showing no signs of slowing down. For her upcoming tour, she's set to perform in major cities including West Hollywood, Detroit, and of course, New York City.

For MUD's new segment "In the MUD," Maude Latour gets personal about her songwriting process for her latest single, "Headphones."


Follow Maude Latour on Instagram and listen to her latest single, "Headphones" out now on Spotify and all streaming platforms. Segment Producer is Lucy Jones.


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