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Two Fits In One: How to Dress for Spring Weather

How does one dress for the day when it’s 37 degrees in the morning, but by the afternoon it’s 63 degrees??

It is currently arguably the worst time of year to get dressed for. Early Spring takes the cake for the most bipolar weather making it a headache for anyone to pick out their outfits in the morning.

Welcome to Spring in the NorthEast, where you leave the house in a jacket and curse yourself halfway through the day.

Don’t worry though, I’ve got you. Here are the easiest ways to dress for this confusing weather, while still looking trendy:


1. Classic Long-Sleeve-Under-the-Tee Fit

PC: Pinterest

This is one look everyone can do. Take your coolest graphic tee, fave merch, or vintage tee and put on any color long sleeve shirt underneath it. For extra trendy points, you can mix cool colors and patterns for the two shirts. This fit is perfect because once the afternoon heat hits you can drop the long sleeve and be comfortable in just your tee.

2. Shirt-Jacket aka the “Shacket”

PC: Pinterest

The “shacket” is essentially a thick shirt that serves as both a shirt or jacket. It has become a popular trend in the past few years. The conveniality of the shacket is one thing that will definitely benefit you during these weeks of weather confusion.