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Two Fits In One: How to Dress for Spring Weather

How does one dress for the day when it’s 37 degrees in the morning, but by the afternoon it’s 63 degrees??

It is currently arguably the worst time of year to get dressed for. Early Spring takes the cake for the most bipolar weather making it a headache for anyone to pick out their outfits in the morning.

Welcome to Spring in the NorthEast, where you leave the house in a jacket and curse yourself halfway through the day.

Don’t worry though, I’ve got you. Here are the easiest ways to dress for this confusing weather, while still looking trendy:


1. Classic Long-Sleeve-Under-the-Tee Fit

PC: Pinterest

This is one look everyone can do. Take your coolest graphic tee, fave merch, or vintage tee and put on any color long sleeve shirt underneath it. For extra trendy points, you can mix cool colors and patterns for the two shirts. This fit is perfect because once the afternoon heat hits you can drop the long sleeve and be comfortable in just your tee.

2. Shirt-Jacket aka the “Shacket”

PC: Pinterest

The “shacket” is essentially a thick shirt that serves as both a shirt or jacket. It has become a popular trend in the past few years. The conveniality of the shacket is one thing that will definitely benefit you during these weeks of weather confusion.

3. Jean Jacket

PC: Pinterest

Whether you decide to wear a Canadian Tuxedo (denim on denim) like ASAP Rocky himself, a jean jacket is a timeless piece everyone should have in their closet. The only jacket you can wear year round and still look cool in.

4. Sports Jersey Made Cool

PC: Pinterest

Another ASAP Rocky fit because he really is that fashionable. In this fit he sports a vintage jersey and simple black jeans, but still manages to look fresh. Any jersey or vintage top essentially achieves the vibe here. Add a t-shirt underneath and once it gets hot you can unbutton the jersey and look and literally feel cooler instantly. This look is for that warmer day you wanna stunt on ‘em but you know it’s still lowkey cold out.

5. Button-up Top as a Jacket

PC: Pinterest

This one is the most basic, but don’t worry, basic is in. With your best jeans, a simple tee shirt, solid colored or patterned works well here, add a flannel or vintage button down, you can achieve a casual, convenient look.


1. Cropped Sweater And Jeans

PC: Just Jared

Dua Lipa pops off in her cropped sweater. The only time you can really wear cropped sweaters and not freeze is during the Spring months. With cute and well-fitting jeans, pull out a random sweater like this one... any long sleeve crop top works for this look as well.

*Lil tip: try to use light colors, florals, and patterned sweaters to avoid them looking too wintery.

2. Biker Shorts And Sweatshirt

PC: Pinterest

An absolute classic, biker shorts have become a staple item for everyone. The shorts achieve the perfect balance of comfort while looking snatched. Pair your biker shorts with a big sweatshirt; literally any sweatshirt and you’re all set. High or low ponytails are both the perfect accessory, they somehow just top off the fit so nicely.

3. Tracksuit (With Shorts)

PC: Pinterest

This is look seems a little harder to achieve, but I promise you can pull it off way easier than it seems. Pull out any pair of trendy short-shorts you already have, a sweatshirt that matches, (even if it’s not a perfect match it’ll work). Dad shoes and high socks help the fit look intentionally 90s-esque.

4. Button-up Top as a Jacket

PC: Pinterest

Same vibe as the one in the Guys’ section. This fit is promising and can be remixed with colors and patterns to make it more interesting and trendy.

5. Midi Skirt Paired With Long Sleeve Top

PC: Pinterest

With midi skirts having a moment in the fashion world right now, there is no fit on this list that comes out absolutely adorable every time. Whether you chose to wear a midi and mini skirt, depending of course on the weather, they're both easy to pair with and super cute.

With these fit tips we can all tackle the confusing weather, and still be on-trend.


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