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What to Wear During Fashion Week in New York

It's officially NYFW, and hot spots like SoHo, Midtown, and Tribeca are packed with influencers, celebrities, and people in the industry. Here's how to blend in.

It's New York Fashion Week – one of the most anticipated and iconic weeks in the Big Apple. Before we dive into how to dress for this year's NYFW, we want to give you some context on why this week is so legendary.

What is NYFW?

New York Fashion Week (abbreviated as NYFW), is held twice a year during February and September. This semi-annual fashion series usually lasts over a week and reunites some of the biggest names in design. NYFW events usually involve runway shows, parties, and pop-ups. NYFW is part of the "Big 4" which is conformed of the biggest fashion week venues: Paris, London, Milan, and New York.

When did NYFW start?

The first ever NYFW was created by Eleanor Lambert, the press director of the New York Dress Institute, in 1943. When it started, NYFW used to be called "Press Week," and its primary goal was to steal attention away from French fashion during WWII. This was because fashion industry insiders were not able to travel to Paris for the fashion shows. In addition, NYFW was created with the goal of highlighting and promoting American designers to fashion journalists, who were more typically interested in international markets.

Can anyone attend NYFW?

The answer is yes and no. Every year, NYFW puts out a calendar of events that includes official events for the week. This typically showcases the biggest designers and shows taking place. Brands usually invite celebrities, influencers, journalists, and other influential names in the industry to these shows, which makes them quite exclusive. However, there are ways to be a part of these shows such as volunteering, working, or working in media and getting access through your employer.

While NYFW pushes official shows on their schedule, there are other underground and less exclusive events that take place during NYFW that are more accessible. You should do your research in advance to find out what brands and labels are doing public shows, and learn about the times, venues, and access for general audiences. Sometimes, brands will hold shows in public places where the public can see, such as the Rockefeller Plaza.

What should I wear to NYFW?

It doesn't matter if you are attending a show or just want to blend in with the fashion vibes, dressing your best during NYFW is something unique. From SoHo to Midtown, the streets become an unofficial fashion show. The best thing about NYFW is that there's not a dress code. You will see people wearing tees and jeans or the most extravagant outfits. In the end, NYFW is a place for you to showcase your own sense of style.

Here's some inspiration we gathered for you to ace New York Fashion Week:


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