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The Best Looks From Fall-Winter 2021/22 Paris Fashion Week

The fall-winter 2021/22 Paris Fashion Week was a success, and it wasn’t wholly because of the looks (although they were great).

PC: Hermès from spring/summer 2021 collection

The event was socially distanced in the best kind of way.

Some designers like Louis-Vuitton decided to go forward with the usual catwalk. Only this time around, the room was silent because the audience was nonexistent.

The French brand Coperni adapted to the situation and presented its audience with a “drive-thru” catwalk where people could sit in their cars and watch the show.

(Think of it like a drive-in movie, only now we’re watching models walk down the street—I mean runway!)

PC: Anne-Christine Poujoulat

High fashion continues to be an enigma to me. Some of the designs can be overwhelming, others are so bland that I cannot imagine them being on a runway.

I chose looks that I could see myself wearing, either on the streets or at some event far off into the future. (Also, you’ll see that I really like muted colors, turtle necks, and coats...a little too much).

PC: Hermès

And this Hermès look takes the cake as my favorite from the entire show for that very reason.


Some of My Favorite Looks From Paris Fashion Week

PC: Coperni

Coperni made the bold decision to hold their fashion show on the roof of Paris's tallest skyscraper, La Tour Montparnasse. Not only that, but the audience was allowed to watch the show live as they sat in their cars on the outskirts of the runway.

This all white look comes off as angelic to me, but the faux fur is very Old Hollywood-esque. I could see a modern Marilyn Monroe wearing this.

PC: Dior
PC: Dior
PC: Dior

When I read that the designer for this collection, Maria Grazia Chiuri, was inspired by fairytales like Little Red Riding Hood and Beauty and The Beast, I knew it would be one my favorites.

There's a whimsicality to the pieces that evoke the nature of fairytales. The sheer skirt and hair net, the rose print, and the lace lend for a more feminine look, while the use of darker colors make it seem more like a dark fairytale than anything else.

PC: Patou
PC: Patou

The 70's flare of a Parisian-girl. It is to die for.

I said earlier that I didn't like a lot of color in my clothes, but the bright pink mixed with the pink and black fluff texture make for a balanced outfit. The second look has an interesting silhouette, but when paired with a more fitted overcoat make it look less like a garbage bag and more like something that would be flattering for many body types.

PC: Lanvin

Ah, yes. We are back to muted colors.

For this collection, Lanvin's creative director, Bruno Sialelli, looked to the early 2000's and MTV for inspiration. I can vividly imagine some rich kid on MTV Cribs wearing this as they show us around their multi-million dollar home.

(It also reminded me a bit of Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl, which I guess makes sense because she's a rich kid who likes to show us around her multi-million dollar life).

PC: Longchamp

There's a mixing of fabrics and patterns here that doesn't make this Longchamp fit appear overwhelming. It works because the use of different shades of pink and red make it look more cohesive.

It's definitely a mature look, and it's something I could see myself wearing if I were...I don't know...

A CEO of a major company where I made all the rules?

PC: Louis Vuitton

Look, you know I had to mention one Louis Vuitton look at least once in this article.

And I won't liethe jacket is odd. It has sleeves that are not actually sleeves. There's a pullover that isn't actually a pullover because it's part of the jacket.

It's a hot mess, but that's why I like it. I'm a hot mess.

To add onto what I said earlier, if I were a CEO, this is the type of CEO that I'd be. All over the place, but cool at the same time.

And I guess that means...

I'm off to find some dupes now?!


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