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The Best Looks From Fall-Winter 2021/22 Paris Fashion Week

The fall-winter 2021/22 Paris Fashion Week was a success, and it wasn’t wholly because of the looks (although they were great).

PC: Hermès from spring/summer 2021 collection

The event was socially distanced in the best kind of way.

Some designers like Louis-Vuitton decided to go forward with the usual catwalk. Only this time around, the room was silent because the audience was nonexistent.

The French brand Coperni adapted to the situation and presented its audience with a “drive-thru” catwalk where people could sit in their cars and watch the show.

(Think of it like a drive-in movie, only now we’re watching models walk down the street—I mean runway!)

PC: Anne-Christine Poujoulat

High fashion continues to be an enigma to me. Some of the designs can be overwhelming, others are so bland that I cannot imagine them being on a runway.

I chose looks that I could see myself wearing, either on the streets or at some event far off into the future. (Also, you’ll see that I really like muted colors, turtle necks, and coats...a little too much).

PC: Hermès

And this Hermès look takes the cake as my favorite from the entire show for that very reason.