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See You Soon. XOXO, Gossip Girl Reboot

Hey there Upper East Siders. I hope you’re ready for the new Gossip Girl reboot because I sure am.


Recently, I’ve been rewatching the original and admiring all of the iconic outfits throughout all of the seasons. These looks will definitely be difficult to top in the reboot, but I hope they do it justice by honoring some of the staples from the show.

You know, all the legendary headbands, designer handbags, heels, and of course long fancy gala dresses that were worn throughout the six original seasons.

It is definitely safe to say that Blair Waldorf and Serena van der Woodsen had an influence in fashion while the show was being filmed. Everyone I knew who watched the show started wearing fancier outfits and headbands, in true 2007 fashion.

In honor of the Gossip Girl reboot, here are some of my favorite outfits from the original show.

Serena van der Woodsen

I'd say Serena’s taste in fashion was always my favorite throughout the show, and she always made a statement through her outfits.

Source: Pinterest