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Nostalgic Fashion: Trends From Our Childhood

History repeats itself and so do fashion trends.

We’ve seen 80s and 90s trends resurfacing in the past few years. Next in line is the 2000s.

Although nobody ever thought the notoriously tacky 2000s would make a comeback in fashion, here we are with a TikTok leading the way for these trends to be readily available and reflected upon.

With y2k fashion making a comeback, butterfly clips, pleated mini skirts, halter tops, baguette bags, baby tees, kitten heels, platform sneakers, and thong sandals reappear in fashion.

Most would agree there are some of the early 2000s trends that should have stayed in the 2000s, extremely low rise jeans, for instance.

However, some trends give me a homey feeling of nostalgia. Outfits I saw teenage girls wear on TV in 2006 that I thought were the epitome of high fashion are now available to me.

There is a certain level of comfort that comes with being able to rock fashions from when you were growing up, considering trends and fads in fashion change so often.

Here are a lot of cutesy trends that I’m glad we brought back:

Baby Tees

PC: Pinterest.

With a length between crop top and full-length tee, I present to you the baby tee. The perfect size for any shape, the baby tee usually is decorated with cute and simple art, designs or patterns.

Baguette Purses