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Millennial vs. Gen Z Style

How to tell what generation someone belongs to based on their outfit.


The ‘ok boomer’ days are over. There’s a new generational feud taking over the internet, and this time it’s between Millennials and Gen Z.

As someone born in 1999 (shoutout to all my “Zillennials'' out there) I’m always getting confused about which generation I actually belong to. But then I started seeing TikToks like these all over my FYP and it got me thinking.

@tpamaro on TikTok

It seems like both generations have their own unique style that defines them. So whether you’re a proud, Buzzfeed loving, 90’s kid, or a TikTok scrolling, iced coffee drinking, early 00’s child, here are some tips for telling Millennials and Gen Z’s apart based off of their style.



I’m kicking this list off with maybe the most controversial fashion debate at the moment. Mom jeans vs. Skinny jeans.

If you’re a Millennial, chances are you prefer your jeans to be a bit tighter like these ones from Zara.

But if you belong to Gen Z, you’re probably rocking looser fits such as bootcut, flare, and mom jeans styles like these.


Who knew where you part your hair could be such a big deal? A battle’s broken out on TikTok over which angle people should be parting their hair, and it’s getting pretty heated tbh.

A lot of Millennials are sticking with their side parts.

But Gen Z’s are more likely to be seen with their hair parted straight down the middle.


Yep, even your footwear can be a sign of which generation you belong to.

If you see someone wearing boots like these ones from Shein, chances are they're planning their next avocado toast brunch date….aka they’re a millennial.

But if someone happens to be wearing more athletic sneakers (bonus points if they’re chunky) they 100% tried to eat a Tidepod at some point in their life.


Both generations like to wear rings, necklaces, earrings, etc. But there are a few specific items that are a dead giveaway when trying to guess whether someone’s a Millennial or Gen Z.

If you prefer to accessorize with scrunchies, scarves, or any kind of Harry Potter merch, surprise you’re a Millennial! How’s that whole still not owning a house thing going? (JK)

Now if you’re wearing bucket hats, hairclips, or ridiculously tiny sunglasses you’re clearly a member of Gen Z. What’s it like spending your teen years in a global pandemic? (Again, JK)


No matter which generation you belong to, both Millennials and Gen Z have some fantastic styles. But if you still can’t tell which generation somebody is a part of, just ask if they use the crying-laughing me you’ll get your answer.


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