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Juicy Couture X Forever 21

Remember Juicy Couture, the iconic tracksuits that came in every color imaginable? Well, they’re back. Kind of.

Forever 21 is known for their collaborations and their latest collab is with none other than Juicy Couture.

The companies teamed up to create a line with 29 pieces, inspired by the looks of the early 2000s that can be found on Forever 21’s website.

Although I was disappointed to see that the iconic velour tracksuits are not available in this collection, the rest of the line is a spin on Juicy’s usual staple items.

Some pieces in the collection include a bucket hat, tie dye sneakers and sweatpants, scrunchies, bikinis, hair clips, shorts, and hoodies and zip-ups.

I have to be honest, these are definitely my least favorite items in the collection.

Although the line ranges from $3.99 to $39.99 and is meant to be affordable, Forever 21 is not known for their premium quality and these pieces, the scrunchie and shoes specifically, don’t look like they would be an exception.

That being said, I do like their other pieces and think it is great they included pieces for plus sized women and kids.

There is something in this line for everyone and includes many different colors to choose from.

Here are some of my favorite colored sets they offer.

I love all of these colors and the tank tops are something I haven’t seen from Juicy before.

These pieces are also perfect for the transition from Spring to Summer when you don’t know if you should wear a hoodie and shorts or a tank top and sweatpants. Now you have the option of mixing and matching these cute sets.

While scrolling through the collection I noticed bikinis, definitely not something I expected from Juicy Couture.

This triangle bikini top brings me back to the swimsuits worn in the 2000’s with the logo pasted over top.

Sticking with the theme of the Juicy logo on the bikini, they offer another style that kind of looks like a sports bra at first glance.

Although I expected to see more classic Juicy Couture looks like zip-ups and sweatpants, overall I think the two did a decent job at providing affordable pieces that fit into Juicy’s image.

If you want to bring out your inner early 2000s, I suggest checking out the collection here, since it is much more affordable than the regular pieces on Juicy’s main website.

Happy shopping!


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