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Styling A College Athlete, For A Week

When I first started dating my boyfriend, his style was, well let's call it college athlete chic.

His go-to wardrobe choices were sweatpants, or what he likes to call them, joggers, t-shirts from various sporting teams and events, and crocs.

This year we made it our goal to update his wardrobe and add a little spice to his closet.

I’ve taken him thrifting with me, I’ve helped him find a color palette that I personally think matches his warm undertones, and we started shopping for his favorite brands at affordable prices.

This week I will be styling my boyfriend every day and giving him an upgrade from joggers, to something a little more dapper and professional.


The olive colors in this outfit go great with his warm orange undertones. His button up top is thrifted from Goodwill, his pants are Calvin Klein, his black belt is Tommy Hilfiger, along with his shoes, and his black chain necklace is from Amazon.

And to keep the look fashionable and stay COVID safe, he is wearing a grey mask from Old Navy.