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What Your Manicure Says About You

I've always thought that someone's manicure and how they do their nails says a lot about their personality and who they are. So, I decided to test my theory with people all around me:

Claws: I remember seeing a meme over quarantine that had a picture of nails like this and it said "Once Nail Shops Open Again: Clickity Clack The Bitch Is Back" and I now always think of it when I see these nails. When you have nails like this, you're a bitch, you're a boss, and you (and your nails) shine like gloss. You are definitely super trendy and have a very aesthetically pleasing instagram. You're the center of attention and always know how to own a room. Your nails are as high as your standards and that's the way to be.

You're a typical guy. Do I need to say anymore?

If you have a nail with something as personal as your tat on it, you definitely agree with my theory and want your nails to say a lot about you. You're an open book and aren't afraid to show people who you are.

Plain: You're a strong and hard working queen. You don't have time for any small stuff. You're willing to try anything and get your hands dirty. You also radiate with natural beauty and don't need all of the added extras to show that.