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We Can't Stop Listening to maeve & quinn's New Song

“I Am Her” is the second single from maeve & quinn’s LP Another Door.

Discover the captivating sound of maeve & quinn, the Alaskan twin sisters making waves with their genre-bending music. Explore their latest single "I Am Her" and upcoming LP Another Door. Experience their unique blend of alt rock, folk, and pop, accompanied by heartfelt lyrics and exceptional musicianship. Get ready to be transported by their soul-stirring melodies and dynamic performances.
Photo by Maren Celest

Alaskan twin sisters, Maris and Bryce O'Tierney, collectively known as maeve & quinn, are making waves with their latest single, "I Am Her," off their upcoming LP Another Door. Prepare to be immersed in their genre-bending fusion of alt rock, folk, and pop, as they deliver a powerful message through their heartfelt lyrics and awe-inspiring melodies.

"I Am Her" is a raw and vulnerable exploration of self-discovery in the face of depression. The lyrics cut straight to the core, supported by the sisters' captivating piano and rhythm-guitar accompaniment. As the track unfolds, propelled by driving drums and bass, it grooves towards a self-affirming closure. It's a journey of recognizing and embracing oneself, navigating through the highs and lows of life.

maeve & quinn's sound is a testament to their diverse musical backgrounds and exceptional talent. With instruments ranging from guitar and violin to piano and their mesmerizing voices, they create a sonic landscape that is both imaginative and skillfully executed. Their harmonies are infused with a sense of blood connection, enhancing the depth and emotional resonance of their music. Growing up in the majestic landscapes of Alaska, they draw inspiration from their surroundings, infusing their music with a sense of openness and grandeur. Their Alaskan upbringing has shaped their artistic perspective and adds a unique touch to their performances.

maeve & quinn's musical catalog boasts impressive releases, including the EPs Something Overhead, Something Overhead (2018) and Star-Crossed (2021), the latter gaining recognition as a Bandcamp New & Notable release. Now, they are gearing up to unleash their first full-length album, Another Door, which promises to be a remarkable sonic journey.

Beyond their music, maeve & quinn are interdisciplinary artists who explore the intersection of various art forms. Their original songwriting, poetic recitations, and instrumental compositions are in constant conversation with other artistic mediums. In Chicago, they have collaborated with institutions such as the Museum of Contemporary Art, Poetry Foundation, and Steppenwolf Theatre, delving into themes of family lineage, climate change, mental health, and womanhood. Their symphonic works have been premiered by esteemed orchestras like the Chicago Composers Orchestra and Anchorage Symphony Orchestra. They have even ventured into the realm of music videos, collaborating with the renowned Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater.


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