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Turning My Camera Roll into Album Covers

The recent TikTok trend of people turning their camera roll pictures into album covers inspired me to do the same. I went through my inordinate amount of pictures and memories on my phone and found ones that I thought could pass as album covers.

These are the results:

The Nostalgic:

The two first pictures of my parents and this baby picture of me gave off 80's alternative vibes. I could envision these pictures being the album covers of indie-rock bands with hazy melodies and hints of Mac DeMarco. Definitely very aesthetic and nostalgic.

The Surf-Rock:

The songs in these albums would definitely sound like summer. I picture these bands growing up in beach towns and getting their sound influence through old surf-rock music. These albums would have bubbly choruses along with twangy guitar solos.

Dreamy Pop:

These albums remind me of the artists like LANY, the 1975, Lauv, and Novo Amor. Very creative covers and sounds about heartbreak and relatable lyrics that you can either laugh or cry to. I think these albums could be a mix of folk-pop and dreamy / electric pop sounds that come from the heart.

Electronic & Glossy:

From these pictures, I got electronic feels and imagined music that evokes strong emotions with big climaxes. Artists that compare to this description are M83, Tame Impala, Washed Out, and The Japanese House. I associate these album covers with driving at night, self-realization, coming of age movies, and very specific things like that.

Folky Alternative:

These two scream folky and artsy. The best way to describe the music that would be in these albums would be the sounds and works of Hozier, Lord Huron, and The Lumineers. That pretty much sums it up.

The Youth:

A song that encompasses and explains what I was going for here is The Spins by Mac Miller. Very upbeat, college-y, loose, and young. These albums give off emotions of the good days that we are living in now and how much we should enjoy them!


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