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The Shift in Menswear

Let’s talk about men’s fashion.

Photo: Pinterest

There has definitely been a shift lately, and I’ve noticed men’s fashion becoming more expressive and interesting than it used to be.

When I think of men’s fashion in the past, all I think of is khakis or jeans and a t-shirt. While some guys may still dress like this, no shame - wear what makes you comfortable, many have upped their style.

These photos were taken by MUD’s Content Creator, Geraldo Torres who is kindly allowing me to expose him for these photos taken in high school.

Luckily, Geraldo’s style has evolved and is constantly changing.

"I am always looking to update my closet and I have more of an idea of what I want to buy when I go shopping. " - Geraldo Torres


** Last photo is not sponsored by Titos**


I think this is partly due to male influencers and celebrities dressing more ‘feminine.’ Some examples are guys wearing pearl necklaces, painting their nails, and wearing rings.