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No Date For V-Day? Who Cares, You Can Still Dress To Impress

I might not have a date for Valentine’s Day, but that isn’t going to stop me from dressing like the bad bitch that I know I am.

PC: Unsplashed

One thing I’ve come to realize–through my 22 years of life–is that the idea of Valentine’s Day either fills people with absolute bliss, or an overwhelming feeling of dread.

I just so happen to feel the latter, but only because my date is nonexistent (Tinder, here I come).

However, I’m not going to lie–I’ll probably just spend the entire day finishing the rest of this week's homework. Or watching romcoms like Breakfast at Tiffany’s and To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, pining for someone to write me sappy love letters, cramming those Valentine’s Reese's down my throat.

But certain holidays call for certain aesthetics. When I think of the holiday that represents the entire month of February, I think of a color palate that includes colors like red, pink, and white.

(I also think of those romance novels with half shirtless men bridal carrying young maidens... but that’s not the point!)

These outfits, lingerie sets, and pajama sets may act as some sort of inspiration for those who do have a date (and if you’re single, you can still rock a look that has people turning heads and wishing they were your date).

Outfit Ideas:

PC: Pinterest

Polka dots! This gives me pin-up girl vibes, and the heart sunglasses fit the theme a little too perfectly. I know this model is feeling herself, as she should.

Where to shop to find an outfit inspired by this look:

PC: Pinterest

Look, pink is my color. I’d wear pink every day if I could. It’s feminine, and it makes me feel like a baddie.

Where to shop to find an outfit inspired by this look:


I feel like this is too good to pass up. Who doesn’t love heart prints on their nipples? Adore Me has the right idea with this one.


If you’re looking for something a bit frillier, this may be just the right lingerie set for you. I'm dying to have the skirt pullover piece!


YES. A classic, red lingerie set by Rhianna’s brand, Savage X Fenty. To be fair, I’d probably just wear this for myself, but you do you, honey!

Pajama Sets:

What I love about this pajama set is that it’s not only wearable to sleep in, but I would wear it out and feel as if I were wearing a complete outfit. It’s versatile–we love that.


Satin is sexy. Plus, it feels good to the skin, and it’s easy to slip on and off (whichever one you decide to do).


No matter how you plan to spend Valentine’s Day, there is something out there for all of us.

Whether you have a significant other, a significant hookup, or a significant amount of time to sit and cry while watching Titanic, do it feeling like the goddess you know you are.


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