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Experience NYFW Even If You're Not Attending Shows

Because there's a lot more to fashion week than runway shows.

New York Fashion Week is the biggest fashion event of the year, showcasing the latest trends from top designers. From runway shows to street style, there's something for everyone at NYFW. This blog post gives you the ultimate guide to NYFW, including a schedule of all the events, a list of the top designers to watch, tips for getting tickets and RSVPs, how to dress for NYFW, and more! Also, we let you know where are the best spots to see celebrities during fashion week.
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When September rolls around, there are three things I'm excited for. The first is fall weather, even when this month can be incessantly warm and humid at times. The second is libra season (no explanation needed.) But the last, and perhaps the most exciting, is New York Fashion Week. This is the one week a year where the fashion industry puts on a spectacle for the world, and everyone from models, stylists, designers, and celebrities flood the city streets. If you are somewhat familiar with this week, then I bet your mind goes straight to runway shows. After all, fashion week allows brands to showcase their collections in front of some of the most influential people in the industry. However, you do not need to be invited to these events to be a part of NYFW. In fact, the best moments take place in the city, where New Yorkers from all walks of life showcase their unique sense of style. But if you're new to the city and want to learn how to do fashion week for the first time, here's all you need to know.

When is New York Fashion Week (NYFW)?

This year, the fashion event of the year arrives to the Big Apple in September. While NYFW is compromised of both official and unofficial events, the main week takes place between September 8th and September 13th.

Where can I see a schedule of NYFW shows?

Keep in mind that not all shows and events during NYFW feature a runway, which means that there's also another side to this iconic week. But if you're looking for a general idea of what's going on, then we suggest you check out the full schedule here.

Can anyone go to NYFW events and shows?

The answer is yes and no. While many events are invite-only (think your typical fashion show), most of these events take place in very public venues. Which means that if you just want to be part of the glamour and get a glimpse of your favorite celebs attending fashion week, you can still do so from the outside of the venues. Keep an eye on Instagram and following trending hashtags as well as the celebrities you wish to see. This is the best way to know when and where they will be during this week.

Where is the best place in New York to see celebrities and experience fashion week?

The best neighborhood to be during fashion week is without a doubt SoHo. Not only is this area known for being extremely chic and luxurious, but it is the center for so many fashion figures, celebs, influencers, and more. During fashion week, we recommend venturing through streets like Mercer and Broome, or visit iconic spots like Fanelli's Cafe or venture uptown to spots around Lincoln Center.

Do I need to dress up during fashion week?

Up to you! There is certainly a collective motivation to dress up and make a statement with your wardrobe this week, but don't let that deter you from seeking out fashion week spots. Unless you're going to actually events, there is no dress code set for the city. A lot of people, especially those who work in the industry, wear neutrals such as an all-black ensemble to embody quiet luxury. But if you are downtown, it's guaranteed that you'll see a lot of bold and iconic outfits by New Yorkers.


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