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New Artist of the Week: Declan Fawcett-Gibson

Declan's latest single "better off without" is the song you didn't know you needed.

“Better off without” is such an amazing song! What’s the story behind it?

D: Cheers! I'm so chuffed that you like it! To me, 'Better Off Without', is a bittersweet breakup song exploring the complexities of love. The song is about a personal past experience. I was tangled up in love, but I felt like I didn't make my partner happy. It was a pretty tough pill to swallow for both of us.

'Better off without' was initially written on acoustic guitar with my sister but once I took it into the studio with Vinnie, the producer I met while gigging in Amsterdam, the song moved to the piano. I feel like the piano really allows the emotional quality to be expressed in a rich, delicate way.

I'm really excited by its release as it's my debut single, so it signifies the next chapter in my career as a musician!

What are your musical influences? Are there recurring themes in your music?

To be honest, there are countless artists that inspire me. I’d say, “Better off without” is inspired by a combination of the lyrical style of the Arctic Monkeys with an element of Lewis Capaldi. I love the blend of clever lyrics and beautifully crafted melodies. It really adds to the impact factor of a song.

I aim to create relatable songs that take the listener on a journey–Frank Ocean and Ed Sheeran are really great this.

I feel inspired to take my listeners on a journey through love and loss. To create scenes that are honest and from the heart. It’s all about sharing a little piece of myself through my music.