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Mob Rich on Touring with Matt Maeson and Their Debut Album, Why No Why

Listen to the full interview from our MUDDY podcast here.

Get to know Maxwell Joseph and Connor Pledger from Mob Rich (Yoko Ono / Loser) on the latest episode of MUDDY, where they share their favorite touring memories with Matt Maeson, build a playlist they could listen to forever, and reveal the story behind their full-length debut album, Why No Why.
Photo: Jack Dytrych

Maxwell Joseph and Connor Pledger didn’t know each other until they moved to LA. The two artists used to hang out in the Valley all the time, where they went to the same open mic at Crave Cafe. Through a mutual friend, the two self-described goofballs were introduced and Mob Rich was born.

Through recent years, the band’s name has had a journey. Inspired by the high-school book we all pretend to have read, Maxwell and Connor were first known as Moby Rich. Because of some boring legal reasons we won’t get into, the guys were forced to shorten it to Mob Rich. While some of their early fans might still recognize them by their original name, they both agree that the new version fits their style and vibe better.

“We’re already hella goofy. So, the fact that the name was Moby, it had a goofy vibe to it. Whereas, Mob Rich sounds way cooler,” Connor said about the band name’s history.

With bangers like Yoko Ono and Loser, which rank in the millions in Spotify streams, Mob Rich continues to prove their music is unlike anything you’ll ever hear. It all comes down to their essence: these guys are just having the time of their lives. They describe themselves as introspective slackers. They don’t claim to be more than they are, which according to them, is two guys who commit to the process of making authentic music. In the fall of 2019, Mob Rich toured across the US, Europe, and Australia with indie artist Matt Maeson. What do they love most about being on the road? Connecting with their fans, experiencing new cities together, and getting closer to other artists.

“We knew Matt [Maeson] prior to the tour. But you just become friends with the artists you’re on tour with. You share a bond because you’ve been on the road together. There’s nothing like traveling together. I can’t wait to tour again,” Maxwell said.