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How Jacq the Stripper Hustled Her Way to Instagram Fame

From giving the cast of Hustlers advice on how to move like a stripper, to developing her inner gay witch by making glow-in-the-dark ashtrays for stoners, Jacqueline Frances is celebrating her body on social media.

Jacq the Stripper on giving the cast of Hustlers advice on how to pole dance to advocating for sex work online. Better known for her instagram (@jacqthestripper)
Photo: Rachel Lena Esterline

On Wednesday afternoon I was greeted with a big red-lipstick smile and, right behind the smile, a tapestry with a set of legs in stilettos hovering amongst the stars. I knew the smile was Jacqs’, as we were scheduled to meet that day, but the legs were giving me this sense of déjà vu–I had seen them before. She later confirmed that the legs were, in fact, hers. I know, bit stalky when you can recognize a set of legs. But Jacq’s Instagram is filled with her legs; on a pole, spread wide, or standing strong, ready to take on whatever she decides to pursue.

For those unfamiliar with the multifaceted life of Jacqueline the Stripper, I’m here to fill you in on the tea. Yes, as her name suggests, Jacq is a stripper. But she is also an advocate, an artist, an author, a comedian, and, one of my favorites, a foam roller enthusiast.

How did the title “Jacq the Stripper” come to be? It was born at a bar; a pick-up story, with an exchange of numbers, and a text that we are all too familiar with. When Jacq exchanged numbers with her newfound friend she texted her, “Jacq the Stripper.” And so, the title was born.

We began our chat, as you may think, discussing Jacq’s time hustling the club. From the look in her eyes, I could tell she had a lot to say–and she said it.

“I fell into it, as you do. I needed money. I learned so much about myself, humanity, classism, capitalism, women, cash, and just everything. I dove right in," said Jacq.

Yet, the shitty downs of sex work differ greatly from the downs of other jobs. Sex work is criminalized, and there is a stigma surrounding it. It is demonized when it shouldn’t be, leading to sex workers feeling underrepresented, and struggling with their mental health.

Jacq utilizes her platform to be an activist for sex workers of all types: from the stripper on the pole hustling bills to the OnlyFans home creator. She does so by raising awareness with the help of her art, as well as supporting nonprofits like ZeppWellness, which supplies free therapy to Black queer folks.

“I wasn’t seeking out to be an activist, but activism is just part of the deal when you see injustice. If I see something’s fucked up, I just have to do my best to fix it,” Jacq said.

Let’s talk more about Jacq's art. Working out of her residence in Brooklyn, Jacq is creating physical pieces. She supplies the artwork to her subscribers on the popular membership platform Patreon, and also on Instagram.