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Meet Antonio DePína from "The Circle"

by Héctor Gutiérrez

Photo: Netflix

January is about focusing on our resolutions, but with Netflix dropping fire content since the new year began, it's been impossible to stay away from the screen. And if you're anything like me, you've probably already watched Netflix's new reality TV show "The Circle."

Now, this show may or may not be a spin-off to "Black Mirror" (conspiracy theorists unite). Eight strangers get thrown into a building and can only interact with each other through social media, leaving them the option to be themselves or someone entirely different. The prize? Cash, of course!

All these years we've been fools on social media for free, and somehow, these people managed to get paid.

From the first episode, you learn who's decided to be authentic, and who's a complete catfish. Antonio DePína is undoubtedly one of "the realest" players. He's a professional athlete, a businessman, and according to his Insta, a "millennial mogul." He's clearly a strategic competitor, which earned him the top spot as an "influencer" on the first episode (meaning he can decided who is eliminated).

I asked Antonio everything: from his on-screen rivalry with Joey Sasso, to what's next in his career. But because I hate spoilers and Antonio's got his own perspective of "The Circle," I'll let him tell you all about it.

Photo: Netflix

People absolutely LOVED all the contestants on the show. How was the process of getting casted for “The Circle?”