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Maybe You Shouldn’t Have This Person on Your Private Story

You should really think about who your target audience is in your private stories.

Our private stories have become a place to share hot selfies, NSFW jokes, and maybe a poll on who you should fuck next. Have we ever thought about who gets access to see our intimate moments?

Here is a list of people you should think twice about:

  • Your ex - I know this is a tough one. It’s tempting to show off how well you’re doing without them. However, if you’re planning to propose to your new boo, maybe you should take your ex off your private story.

  • A random classmate - A guy from high school physics class has me on this private story. I watched him do LSD one night. I respect the closeness he thinks we have, but I haven’t seen him since he asked me for homework answers.

  • Recent Tinder match - Listen, if I started talking to you 30 minutes ago -- I don’t need to be a part of your life yet. If you're not going to follow me on Instagram, I don’t care about your issues regarding your favorite basketball team losing.

  • Your professor - I let a handful of my professors follow me on Instagram. They see my selfies and obnoxious captions saying I have the super WAP. It’s fine. However, I think enlisting them in a story where I complain about men might alter my GPA.

  • Your landlord - People seem to be really cool. Your landlord could be awesome, but one day they will bring up how you have enough money to go to the club and not pay rent.

Private stories are access to your personal life and remember not everyone needs a VIP pass.


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