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Li Rye Is Making Alabama Proud

Alabama rapper, Li Rye returns with the full deluxe rendition of his debut mixtape, Go Li Rye Part III.

Discover Li Rye, the rising Mobile, AL rapper making waves with his deluxe mixtape, Go Li Rye Part III. Learn how he defies boundaries, amplifies his city's voice, and secures a spot in Gucci Mane's The New 1017. Explore his unfiltered storytelling and captivating melodies that connect with listeners on a deep level. Stream his music now!
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Rising rapper Li Rye, hailing from Mobile, AL, is making waves in the hip-hop scene with the release of his label debut mixtape, Go Li Rye Part III. And it's not just a regular release, it's the deluxe edition featuring eight additional tracks.

Li Rye is a talented artist who recently joined Gucci Mane's The New 1017, a testament to his rising star power. But it's not just his affiliation with a legendary rapper that's impressive. Li Rye has been captivating listeners with his unfiltered storytelling, hard-hitting bars, and infectious melodies. His journey began at a young age, finding solace in music as he witnessed his father's incarceration. Growing up, he was exposed to a diverse range of influences, from the rap stylings of Lil Wayne and Chief Keef, to the soulful sounds of Whitney Houston, Luther Vandross, and Marvin Gaye. These varied musical influences shaped Li Rye's unique style, blending captivating melodies with raw emotions.

“Mobile is really rough,” he said. “We’ve got more projects than suburbs. Not too many people can say, ‘I made it out of Mobile’. So, it’s a blessing when they do.”

His musical career gained traction with the release of his Emotional Demon EP in 2021, which garnered significant attention. Building on that momentum, Li Rye dropped Punch In in 2022, featuring tracks like "Punch In" and "EST FLOW" that racked up millions of views on YouTube. Fast forward to today, and Li Rye is making Mobile proud with his debut mixtape, Go Li Rye Part III. This deluxe edition not only includes the 16 tracks from the previous iterations but also treats us to eight brand-new songs.

But Li Rye's music is more than just catchy beats and clever wordplay. It's about connecting with listeners on a deeper level. He pours his emotions into his lyrics, aiming to make you feel every word. Whether you're going through a tough time or celebrating a victory, Li Rye's got a song that speaks to you. With this release, he is proving that no matter where you come from, you can rise above the challenges and create something extraordinary. Let his music be an inspiration to you and a reminder that there are no limits when it comes to pursuing your dreams.


Li Rye's music is available for streaming on various platforms, including the single "Dead Trollz," which he performed on On The Radar.


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