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You Can Buy Ken's "I Am Kenough" Hoodie from the Barbie Movie

The iconic pink hoodie that Ryan Gosling wore in the Barbie movie is being sold by Mattel and it can be yours for $60.

The release of the live-action Barbie movie has been a major cultural event, and one of the most talked-about pieces of merchandise from the film is the tie-dye "I Am Kenough" hoodie that Ryan Gosling wears as Ken.

The hoodie quickly became a viral sensation, with fans clamoring to get their hands on one. However, the hoodie was not initially available for purchase. Instead, it was only seen in the film.

That changed on July 21, 2023, when Mattel announced that it would be releasing an official I Am Kenough hoodie. The hoodie is available for purchase on the Mattel website, and it is priced at $60.

The hoodie is made of 100% cotton fleece, and it features a tie-dye design with the words "I Am Kenough" printed across the front. The hoodie is available in sizes S-XXXL. As of now, the hoodie is only available for pre-order. Shipments are scheduled to begin on or before September 29th, 2023.

If you are interested in purchasing the I Am Kenough hoodie, you can do so on the Mattel website. However, be warned that the hoodie is in high demand, and it is likely to sell out quickly.

Here are some tips for increasing your chances of getting your hands on an I Am Kenough hoodie:

  • Pre-order the hoodie as soon as possible.

  • Sign up for the Mattel email list to be notified when the hoodie is back in stock.

  • Follow Mattel on social media for updates on the hoodie's availability.

If you are unable to get your hands on an official I Am Kenough hoodie, there are a few third-party retailers that are selling unofficial versions of the hoodie. Just be sure to do your research before purchasing an unofficial hoodie, as the quality might not be as good as the official version.

The I Am Kenough hoodie is a fun and stylish way to show your love for the Barbie movie. If you are a fan of Ryan Gosling, Ken, or tie-dye, then this hoodie is definitely worth considering. In addition to the hoodie, Mattel is also selling other I Am Kenough merchandise, including a T-shirt, hat, and mug. These items are also available for purchase on the Mattel website.


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