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I Care about Our Planet. Here’s How I Help Others Care Too.

Gen-Z knows what’s up with climate change, but this isn’t a battle we can fight alone. So how do we get others to join?

Image by Elena Mozhvilo

We all know that someone who doesn’t care about climate change. They’ll say things like “Yeah it’s real, but there’s nothing I can do about it since I’m only one person, so why bother?” or “I’ve recycled, what more is there for me to do?”

There will always be people who don’t see climate change as a real problem, so this is very much an intergenerational issue. You may even know some Gen Z-ers or millennials who still aren’t quite up to speed with what’s happening in the realm of the environment or who simply don’t care.

Here’s how to get them to understand why they should care.


A good place to start is by informing yourself.

As a college student, I’m part of a few on-campus/local environmental groups and recently spoke as the keynote speaker at my first Youth Climate Summit. I feel pretty prepared to defend the environment and spew climate change-related facts, but I know I still have a lot to learn.

Some of my favorite ways to learn are from people and experience, but I realize not everyone has the same connections as I do. So, I suggest listening to reputable podcasts and watching documentaries on climate change (there are plenty of podcasts on Spotify) or, if you’re comfortable, reaching out to local environmental advocacy groups to ask how you can learn more or get involved.

Researching and being willing to learn are key. If you don’t know the subject yourself, how on Earth are you going to get other people on board with you?