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How To Not Be An Ass When Parking On Campus

When you think about it, it’s not that hard to park correctly. Watch your lines and make sure there is an even amount of space between your car and the one that’s next to you. Simple right?

Well, sometimes you will come across the parking jobs that just make you wonder, “how did this person not realize they did a shitty job at parking?” or “I can’t believe they passed the driving test with a parking job like that.”

Maybe you’ve been that person every now and then.

I get if you’re in a rush and can’t pay much attention to the way you park your car, but for those of you who step out of your car and see that your parked like an ass… how do you look at your parked car and think, yeah, that’s fine.

Not that these parking jobs are hard to spot out, but here are some things to look for next time you park your car. Or maybe to think about the next time you do a ship parking job. Regardless of who you are or how often you park that way, others will look and feel, Wow, what an ass.

The crooked parker

This person preictally parks their car horizontal to the parking lines. I know that’s overly dramatic, but sometimes, it’s like they didn’t even care if they were on a 60-degree angle. You just park your car and leave.

The 2-space parker

This one is just wrong. If you’re parking your car and you take up two spaces, you need to reevaluate your parking job. No vehicle is that wide that you need to take up nearly two spaces. You know someone is going to try and squeeze in right next to you.

Toooooo close!

How the hell am I supposed to get out of my car when you park too close. Now, this could be excused as not paying attention. Or if you’re intentionally trying to do this to keep

Source: Wix GIF people from parking next to you, I get

it. But stop! We all need to park, and when you’re too close to me, it makes me feel like you’re going to just swing your passenger door right into mine.

That’s not a parking spot.

For those of you who have all-wheel drive cars or lifted trucks and jeeps, good for you. But just because you have these cars doesn’t mean you can park wherever you want. I’m talking about over the sidewalks and on the grass. It’s not a parking spot. Us front-wheel sedans have to find a parking spot like everyone else, so please do the same and stop showing off with your off-roading abilities.

Pull out a little

This one is just annoying. People who pull in too far that you think a parking spot is available, and then you go to pull in and realize there is a car there, but it’s just parked the furthest in it can be. Listen, no matter how far you pull into a parking spot, someone will park next to you. I’m not sure what pulling in and almost hitting the sidewalk is going to achieve. But this is a simple solution… if you think you’re too far back, aka and see the other cars back windows, pull your car out a little bit.

If you park your car in any of these ways and start to walk away, I’d kindly ask you, on behalf of everyone else, to get your ass back in your car and fix yourself. Please! It’ll be better for you and the person trying to park next to you.


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