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How I (Try) to Beat Writer’s Block

Some tested strategies to get the words flowing again.

Whether you consider yourself a writer, happen to write a lot for your respective major, or even just journal in the morning—everyone can experience writer’s block. And it’s pretty damn annoying.

I am a writer. Academically, I spend what feels like half of my time in college writing. Sometimes that means a constant flow of textual composition, ideas, imagination, and so much more. Well, this week that felt like the most impossible thing for me to do. Pulling teeth would’ve been easier. It got very discouraging and at times I just wanted to give up, but I refused. And it wasn’t even for any poetical or substantial reason—I just have deadlines to meet.

Here are a few things that I tried and how they helped me beat my very inconvenient writer’s block.

Reading a book

You may be surprised to hear that getting over writer’s block doesn’t always include writing. I figured I needed a spark of inspiration, to do something that I know I can because