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Going Out As A Guy vs. A Girl

If you are a college student, you know the disappointment of ruining you favorite shoes from being in a sticky basement of a frat house last Friday night or when the person at the pregame you don't like is better at pong than you are. Once you've turned twenty one, you've probably experienced a creepy stranger at the bar or spent $15 on a cocktail that tastes like ass. We've all been there or close to it. Haven't you ever wondered if anyone else feels these pains? Well, you're in luck. I asked a guy friend of mine to log a typical night of going out and compared it to mine. Here we go:

Getting Ready:

Guy: “My typical night out normally starts around 6-7 PM. Prior to my getting ready, I will normally take time to unwind after my classes. I’ll play video games or go to the gym usually. Once 6-7 PM rolls around, I’ll start getting ready to go out. Typically, getting ready for me takes no more than about 20 minutes. I'll shower, get dressed in something comfortable but presentable, put on cologne, and then be ready to go.”

Girl: First, it depends on where I am in my nail cycle because if the two weeks are almost over and I have a chipped nail, the process starts early and I will HAVE TO go get my nails done. Once I have my nails straightened out, I'll take an hour (maybe and hour-and-a-half) to shower, dry my hair (if I straighten it), but if I am curling it, that can take 45 mins to an hour, make-up, and get dressed (and that’s if I already