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First Lady Kim Kardashian: A Day in The Life

You've pondered the reality of President Kanye West. But what about a Kardashian as First Lady?

Waking Up With Kim

As the First Lady, Kim K has to look her best, so the Presidential Beauty Team (instilled during President Kanye’s first 100 days in office) meets Kim in her bedroom before she begins the day. All makeup artists and hairstylists must pass through a checkpoint upon entering the White House, both to ensure safety and that team members are dressed to the most current fashion trends.

Kim meets to discuss important matters with her cabinet, which includes Kris Jenner, Paris Hilton, Scott Disick, and, after finally resolving years of feuding, Taylor Swift. Unfortunately, the contents of these cabinet meetings are confidential, yet rumor has it there are ongoing discussions of just how Kylie Jenner managed to find that diamond earring at the bottom of the ocean; Kim doesn't believe it's really hers.

Lunch Time (?)

A delicious cup of FitTea is the perfect lunch on the go for anyone presidentially busy (or, anyone with a brand new Kardashian-advertised waist trainer that makes it physically impossible to sit down for a meal). If it works for the First Lady, it works for America.

Study break!

Kim sits down with her law school tutors in preparation for the bar exam. Way to set an example for people to further their education in adulthood, Ms. Kardashian! The First Lady truly embodies the American Dream; with the help of one little sex tape, Kim went from average California girl to First Lady of the United States of America.

Now Boarding: Air Force One.

Time for First Lady Kim to attend a meeting in California for her game Kim Kardashian: Hollywood. Kim and Kris Kardashian, Momager in Chief, are discussing a new spinoff game called Kim Kardashian: The Capitol.

A Woman of The People

Before heading back to D.C, Kim meets with fans in Calabasas at golden hour as part of her primary initiative as First Lady: Love Your Self(ie). The goal of the organization is to encourage and educate the youth of America to look and feel their best – and get that Instagram SNATCHED. North West, of course, is the poster child for the campaign.

Pillow Talk

Kim and Kanye get into a little pre-bedtime quarrel over Kim and her sisters insisting they rename the White House to The Kastle. We like, cannot believe President Kanye does not understand this is what’s best for their brand.


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