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Ezra Furman Brings the Perfect Combo of Love and Rage

Ezra Furman's Williamsburg show was blissfully indulgent yet filled with necessity.

Photo: @claudia_rader

Ezra Furman is best known for pioneering the incredible soundtrack of Netflix's "Sex Education." However, few people know she was the lead singer and guitarist of Ezra Furman and the Harpoons, which was formed in 2006 and concluded with Mysterious Power in 2011. Their subsequent work has included the albums Day of the Dog, Perpetual Motion People, Transangelic Exodus, and All of Us Flames.

Most recently, Ezra made an appearance in the Music Hall of Williamsburg in Brooklyn. There is no way to describe an Ezra Furman show except to say that you have to see it live. There was a shared feeling of absolute freedom and transparent expression, taking down the barrier between her and the audience. Overall, the crowd's gratitude emanated as they sang every lyric and every song back at her. There were no small parts or moments – everything about the show felt important. Their passionate performance convey a powerful message to the crowd, one that wasn't tied to a specific emotion but rather a whole spectrum of them. You could feel the love from the crowd as Ezra delivered her own personal stories about being a trans person, about falling in love and getting their heartbroken, about navigating life as a young person. It was a beautiful rendition that promised magic and delivered life-changing enchantment.

photo: @claudia_rader

You Gotta Listen: I Can Change, Love You So Bad, Book Of Our Names

See more from Ezra Furman's show with photos below by Claudia Rader


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