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Elle Woods Is More Than Just A 2000's Fashion Icon

Legally Blonde is an iconic movie, and I like to think it’s because Elle Wood’s embodies the type of woman that likes to look good while also pursuing a demanding career.

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There's a scene in Legally Blonde I cannot get out of my head.

It’s the scene where the college board members at Harvard are watching Elle Wood’s video essay to determine her eligibility to be admitted into law school.

Their reaction can be read as open-minded: the board talks about how she is making a 4.0 GPA at UCLA (University of California, Los Angelos), how her LSAT scores are way above average, and how her extracurricular activities are “impressive.”

She's a top student, for sure, but one of the staff members intervenes and says: “A fashion major?”

There’s an obvious look of confusion on his face, as if he doesn’t quite understand why the admissions office is even considering admitting a woman who majored in fashion (misogynistic, much?).

The audience concludes that Elle was admitted because Harvard wishes to bring in “diversity,” because they’ve never had a fashion major go to law school. Little did they know, her knowledge about hair care would be the reason she would win her first case as a first-year law student (yay, women!).

She does all this while looking her absolute best and ignoring what others have to say about her flamboyant, barbie-esque style. Sure, she went into law school for the wrong reasons—she wanted to impress her ex-boyfriend who also attends Harvard Law.

This journey, however, taught her how to serve looks, win a case, and, most importantly, move on from and ignore toxic men.