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Breaking Down Santa Claus Propaganda

The guy is literally everywhere.

Only Mariah Carey might disagree with me, but Christmas’ most influential icon is definitely Santa Claus. However, what if parents never got the memo that Mr. Claus does not have a social security number (assuming he is American, of course). Is he even getting a bailout from the government or a stimulus check greater than $600?

Parents would be in trouble if they left the holiday season in the hands of the hard-working elves. The big day would come without presents under the tree. The children would be told the reindeers were stuck in traffic on Christmas Eve.

Unmasking the Santa scheme implanted into our minds since we were children is an individual experience. No one ever breaks the news to you; it’s sort of a rite of passage. A big part of losing faith in him is noticing the gift tags from Santa are written in our parents’ handwriting.

The propaganda surrounding Santa Claus makes it hard to assume he is not just a fictional figure. The guy is everywhere. Coca-Cola cans, huge billboards and TV ads, and random chocolate packaging display his face like he is trying to win our vote for an election.

Santa sits in the heart at our local shopping mall during the holiday season. He even escapes the North Pole to be closer to the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade every year, and rings his bell outside your town’s Stop & Shop. We’ve all seen him at least once.

Tim Allen’s portrayal of Santa Claus stirred the pot with a confusion of accurate spelling. The 1994 film, “The Santa Clause” left audiences thinking ‘Claus’ had an ‘e’ to the end of it. Unfortunately, it was just Tim Allen reading a piece of fortune cookie paper unknowingly swearing into the position of Santa.

The pandemic may cause changes to Santa’s Christmas Eve routine. He might have to get tested before stepping into his sleigh and carry tons of hand-sani to last him for the entire ride. Also, Santa would have to check his list a third time to ensure it is safe to deliver presents, or the children may have to do curbside pick-up for their presents on Christmas Day. In a way, Santa’s gift delivery this year will also look like Apple’s yearly drop of a new iPhone–with a hint of COVID-19, of course.

The Spider-Man mantra emphasizes, “Great power comes with great responsibility,” and that is what Santa Claus is all about during the Christmas season.


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