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What are Blue Balls: How to Handle the Pressure

Most of us have been there or at least know someone who has gone through that ruthless pain. That pain of not only striking out and having to go home in that shame of knowing you were so close and couldn’t close, but also physically sore. Yup, you got blue balled! So now what? Where do you go from here?

What Are Blue Balls?

Well ladies and gents, essentially when a male is up for too long the excessive blood flows to the entire region without release. The ‘condition’ leads to a feeling of soreness and as if your family jewels are swollen. It can be quite uncomfortable. The formal term is known as epididymal hypertension or EH and if you don’t believe it’s a real thing, I can guarantee you have never gone through it before (Nor do I wish you do!)


Blue balls have some pretty simple and easy to spot symptoms to recognize when you or someone is going through it.

  • Heaviness in the scrotum

  • An aching sensation

  • Testicular pain or mild discomfort


-Blue Balls aren’t dangerous: FACT!

They’re pretty common and aside from being uncomfortable, you don’t have to worry about needing any major operation to fix this, just go home and take care of it!

-It Just Happens To Men: FICTION!

Nope. It would seem this weird experience is not limited to guys. Apparently, women can get “blue vulva” from sexual frustration as well. Same science: during sexual arousal, increased blood flow makes the vulva and clitoris swell slightly so being denied can make the blood feel ‘trapped’ in that area and lead to discomfort.

-Blue Balls Look Blue: Toss Up!

Just because we aren’t going around checking, and it is uncommon for most people to confirm or deny. Some people claim to see a blue tint in that area and describe it as such.

How to Take Care Of It

There’s Always the easy fix of self-releasing. Go have some alone time and figure out your own business. It’s natural and it’ll make the pain go away a lot quicker. If you want to try to avoid getting shut out and getting the dirty deed done, maybe you should check out our Pre-Night Ritual For The Boys: A Checklist and see if that helps your effort. Regardless, take care of yourself and be safe!


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