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8 Handy Self-Defense Products Every Woman Should Own

Written by Nick Boyer and Brooke Manna

Each year, on the last Wednesday in April, people are encouraged to participate in wearing denim to raise awareness of rape and sexual assault for Denim Day. The Denim Day website explains that the campaign began after an Italian Supreme Court overtured a rape conviction because the justices felt that since the victim was wearing tight jeans, she must have helped the person who raped her remove her jeans, thereby implying consent.

Following the overturn of the conviction, women working for the Italian Parliament showed up the next day wearing jeans in solidarity for the victim. Thus, Denim Day was born to support those who fall victim to rape, sexual assault and victim blaming.

Unfortunately, women, and some men, are targeted because it appears they cannot defend themselves against attackers. Below are a few discreet gadgets that women, and men, can carry with them and use in self defence or when put in unsafe situations.

Defender Ring

Nick:This is a dope product. It’s sleek, looks good, and is easy to access. Not to mention it looks like it’d do some damage. I’ll definitely be recommending this product to my sister and friends

Brooke: I'm about to buy one of these myself! After watching the video on their website of how impactful the ring can be on a water bottle, I'm convinced that this can definitely hurt an attacker. This is a product I would gladly drop $70-$140 on because I know it would work well.

Knockout Rings

Nick: I think these look better than a normal ring, but the price seems a little extraordinary ($150). Maybe I’m wrong and this is a great deal; I’m not really in the ring game.

The only possible problem I could think of is concerning its effectiveness; someone would have to really square an attacker for this to work.

Brooke: If you ask me, I agree with Nick. The Defender Ring is definitely the way to go. If I were to be spending a pretty penny on a defense ring, I would want one that actually works and the Knockout rings dont look like they'd do much damage at all. Sure they look nice, but are they actually going to do the damage that their website implies? I'm not sure about that.