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Why We Should All Be Practicing Body Neutrality

[Body neutrality is the idea of accepting your body as it is in its current state. Unlike the body positivity movement, it does not need to involve self-love talk or mantras about your body.]

We’ve all heard, and been bombarded with the body positivity movement. Being told left and right by celebrities that we need to love our bodies, cherish our bodies and be confident in our own skin because we are beautiful and unique!

While that is all nice and dandy, it seems like no one talks about how easy it is to “love and cherish your body, and not change a single thing” when you were born INTO the beauty standard. Like if you’re a size small / medium, with petite features and just are objectively good looking, you ARE the patriarchal beauty standard that we all subscribe to.

No hate to those that are, I would say I fall into that category as well. It’s not really something we can help, but I think there needs to be more self awareness around this movement.

I’m starting to see it all over TikTok.

I’m on “FatTok” which yes, is actually a thing. It’s a very niche part of the app that includes fat influencers encouraging people to stop equating the word “fat” with the word “bad”, and the word “skinny” with “good.” These two sets of words are not interchangeable and it’s important we recognize that.