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Why Catcalling Is a Problem Cis Men Need to Fix

It’s hard to come up with solutions when people refuse to see the issue.

Unsplash | Natalie Hua

By Zoe Perls and Draco Rose

Disclaimer: All first names used by MUD were used with the party’s written consent. No quote or story used in this article has been made up, exaggerated, or embellished by Zoe Perls or Draco Rose.

From men yelling crass comments out of their car, to guys remaining silent when their boys whistle at girls, catcalling is a problem that’s been around for decades.

Despite the social progress we’ve made, this gateway to misogyny is still thriving. It doesn’t matter how many people scream at guys and tell them to knock it off, many of them dismiss it and don’t see it as their problem, especially since men—and a lot of older women—have created a culture that normalizes it.

But women and female presenting people aren’t dogs that live for the attention of men, they’re multidimensional human fucking beings and deserve to be treated as such.

The only way people are going to understand how serious this is, is by breaking down these normalizations and bringing these stories to light, and that’s exactly what we did.

Over the course of one day, we each asked our instagram followers to tell us about an experience with catcalling or harassment that impacted them—whether it was their first time or a time that stayed with them—and sorted every story we received under a theme.

Here’s what Zoe and I learned.