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Why Can't I Finish?

If you're a girl and you can't seem to climax, no matter how much you like your partner, don't worry you've come to the right place. And no, you're not alone.

We all know the double standard: women that have "a lot" of sex are whores, but men that have a lot of sex are GODS.

Like what?


What I hate even more than the sex double-standard is the pressure for women to finish. We all know it’s harder for a woman to finish than it is for a man, and we all know women are used to ‘faking’ a good time, but why?

Why do women feel pressured to lie about finishing?

Why is it so hard for a woman to finish in the first place?

Well, here's what some college students had to say about that...

“I think for women, it is more about stroking a man's ego and lying about finishing to make them feel better about their performance when, in reality, a lot of women regularly don’t finish.”

SO I guess it’s true… we do live in a man’s world. It’s not a woman’s job to stroke our partner's ego. But (I guess) when you're in a relationship, especially in the beginning stages, all you want to do is please your partner. When he asks if you finished, you say yes. A simple lie. What's the result? The huge smile of accomplishment he's unable to hide on his face, which is almost better than an orgasm.