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Why Are Ads for Games So Misleading?

These games seem mad intriguing, so why the hell aren't they like that when I download it???

source: Pinterest

You see an ad for a different game while you’re playing candy crush (or my personal favorite, Toy Blast) so you go ahead and download it. Then BOOM, instead of thinking you’re about to save a princess from a tower, you’re out shooting fucking bubbles.


I have experienced this way too many times, and you have to, if you’re an avid player like myself. The prime example of this is Homescapes or any other version of the game like Gardenscapes. You think you’re about to design homes or a garden, and all of a sudden you’re playing a bootleg version of candy crush.

Whoever is marketing these games, STOP BEING SO MISLEADING.

I am so tired of thinking I’m about to download a fun, original game that I will definitely be playing instead of writing my midterm. Meanwhile, it’s some boring game you’ve played a billion times under a different name. And on top of that, it’s taking up mad storage for no reason. I am fed up; I wish I could just boycott all games, but I know I’ll be bored.

Instead of being tricked by the ads for Homescapes, this game is the best and let me tell you why. My ALL TIME favorite game would definitely be Toy Blast. If you don’t have it, stop reading this article and go download it. I must admit, even while writing this article I stopped a few times just to play some more levels. I play this game a little too much though, to the point where I’ll play until 2 am instead of going to sleep.