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What Your Among Us Color Says About You

Probably the only game that tears friendships apart more than monopoly.

photo: Unsplash


Number 1 from Code Name Kids Next Door vibes. Whether you’re the imposter or not you’re good. If you say someone is sus everyone will believe you because of your leader energy.


You just seem like you know what you’re doing but are almost never the imposter. Not sure why but I trust you if you’re blue.

Dark Green

Why do you take so long to type? I know it’s hard when the screen is in landscape, but come on. Never takes the blame.


The most ANNOYING to play with. Grow up. Usually whiny in the chat. The only exception to this is AOC (if you're reading this, marry me).


Will forever be associated with Donald Trump. Never knows what's going on. Not the imposter often but gives me anxiety.


Silent but deadly player. Won't say a word in the chat, but kills everyone in record time as the imposter. A Hufflepuff, probably. Or you just choose yellow because it's your whole personality. Pack it up, VSCO girl.


The type to sabotage the lights and wait in electrical in the dark to kill you. Definitely went through a 2014 Tumblr phase.


A shit-stirrer. The imposter half the time and the rest of the time you’re ready to throw shade.


Always follows other players around but not actually the imposter.

Spooky vibes.


Never the imposter and always gets killed first.

You’re sweet as hell though and deserve better

Probably a plant hoe.


You’re sus. Period. Almost always the imposter. IRL you’re a cool person but freaky on the down-low.


Unproblematic. But dumb.


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