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What is The Ick?

You may have never heard of THE Ick before, but you most definitely are familiar with it. Below lies ways to both identity and deal with that familiar feeling whenever the Ick decides to strike.

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Men and women alike have been intimate since the dawn of time. And so far, it seems it has at least maintained our growing population. But finding the physical connection has never been more difficult. Pandemic aside, even finding the right person that checks all the right boxes seems hard these days.

One of the biggest issues many people deal with is the ick. Have you ever started getting down with someone and for some reason, all of a sudden, you feel your attraction for them gets turned on its head? It’s like one moment you’re basically ready to strip down, but either you see something they do, or maybe for a reason, you can’t even ping, you have second thoughts.

That’s the ‘ick’.

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The Ick isn’t a disease or some gross body product, it is just a feeling that repels you from your partner that may be induced from a specific or small quirk, habit, or something they did. You can’t tell when it comes or fight it off before it hits. But when it settles in, it can be difficult to deal with.

Identifying Where The Ick Comes From

Here are a few examples to help familiarize yourself with the ick. Keep in mind, the ick is a subjective feeling and it can be induced by really anything. This list is more of a way to give you an idea of what can bring on the ick to some people.

  • Food around someone's mouth while they’re eating

  • The way that some people sit

  • Coughing too much

  • Breathing too loudly

  • Picking a fingernail

  • Literally laughing too often

  • The way someone sits

  • Literally ANYTHING...Realistically, anything can bring upon that feeling. It sucks.

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How do you handle the ick?

Now you know what the ick is, how do you handle it? Do you throw out a perfectly good time and start from scratch? Or do you deal with this ugly feeling until it creates more problems? It seems like a lose-lose to me.

The Ick is tough to shake. More times than not when it settles in, it usually doesn’t go anywhere. You can try to overlook it, deal with it, or let it dictate what you do next, but it will affect you one way or another. It’s just one of those things that you can’t prevent. The best thing is just, to be honest with yourself and whoever you’re with; whether it be a booty call or committed partner, and communicate. Maybe, figure a way around it. If not, saddle up, and get back after it.


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