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Did You Know These Celebrities Are Nepo-Babies?

From Kendall to Gracie Abrams, some of your favorite artists, actors, and influencers are considered a nepo baby. Keep reading to find out what it means.

Halloween, Kendall Jener, Jaden Smith

Have you ever been so impressed by the performance of an actress or actor that, out of curiosity, you Google them and then find out that their parents are famous? Are you disappointed after learning that? Yeah, me too.

This idea of the “Nepo-Baby” is something that has sparked a lot of frustration on social media, causing people to wonder if the kids of famous actors, writers, directors, or models have a much easier path into the industry because of their last name. This could be true, at least in some cases, and it’s called nepotism.

​​Basically, nepotism is when some people use their power to obtain certain opportunities or favors for their family members—for example, landing a job without the usual selection process. So, in the case of actors, children of celebrities might not even have to audition for a part because their daddy called the casting director to cash in a favor. Is it unfair? Yes. Are some of these Nepo-Babies talented? Also yes, and sometimes they even end up changing their last name to separate themselves from these nepotism ties.

For this reason, some Nepo-Babies are not very well-known by the general public. It’s shocking to find out who they’re related to, because it makes you wonder if they realize their privilege or advantage over other industry hopefuls. But let's face it, some Nepo-Babies are so iconic that we don't even care who their parents are—we might even thank the media for granting them the spotlight so quickly.

So, here are some interesting Nepo-Babies that you’re probably not aware of:

Elle King

Elle King and Rob Schneider
Getty Images

The country-pop singer—maybe you remember her 2014 radio hit "Ex's & Oh's"—is the daughter of well-known actor Rob Schneider, the dude from movies like Grown Ups and The Hot Chick. Unlike other children of celebrities, Elle decided to change her last name to her mother’s last name to cut connections with her father and create a career for herself, something that shocked a lot of people on TikTok when they found out who her father is. She’s actually really talented! Even her father tweeted about this, clarifying that she’s earned her accomplishments all by herself and that he’s proud of her.

Margaret Qualley