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Warren Zeiders Is Country's Biggest Hot Shot

"I believe my sound is a representation of my personality, what I stand for, and what I believe in and it all circles back.”

Rising country star Warren Zeiders launches a new road-ready single, “Dark Night,” available now on all DSPs via Warner Records. The Pennsylvania-born singer-songwriter has been teasing the song in bits and pieces to his 1.7M followers on TikTok – where it’s also organically reached millions outside of his follower count. The contemplative track follows the recent release of his fiery “Burn It Down” and arrives just over a month after “Ride the Lightning” earned him his first Gold record. Listen to “Dark Night,” the latest from Zeiders’ 717 Tapes,
Photo: Chris Phelps

You’re gearing up to hit the road for your 717 Tapes Tour. What are the feelings ahead of this tour?

Warren: “Everything my fans and I have built up in the last year has led to this moment. Everything has been built through social media and it has finally led to me being able to walk onto a stage and be there in person with them. It’ll be the first time feeling their energy control the room and singing my songs back to me. Seeing the faces of the people who have supported me to get to this stage in my music career will bring excitement and relief for me to capture a moment with my fans that will hopefully stick with them forever.”

You’ve got a few stops in your home state of Pennsylvania. Is there something special about playing for a home crowd?

Warren: “Being born and raised in Hershey, Pennsylvania brings a lot of excitement to these hometown shows because I’ll be able to see the faces of people I grew up around and close family and friends out in the crowd. It gives me a lot of pride to represent Pennsylvania in the country music scene. 717.”

Your music is packed with your unique character and grit. How would you define your sound?

Warren: “Edgy. Rough around the edges. Tough. I believe my sound is a representation of my personality, what I stand for, and what I believe in and it all circles back.”

Where and when are you most creative? Is it a particular place, time, or a state-of-mind?

Warren: “It never stops [laughs].”

The year is just getting started, and you already have a packed and exciting few months ahead of you. Are there any other projects in the works that you’re excited about?

Warren: “I’ve been heavily focused on gearing up for my 717 Tapes Tour with it being a whole new part of my artistry. I’m ready to get on the road and give people a show they’ll never forget.”


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