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Valentine's Day, but You're in a Situationship

Don't ask me if I'm free on the 14th because I have no idea.

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- the awkward, in between stage where you both have feelings but it’s not official

- when you hangout, have sex, and act like you’re dating without the label

Situationships are always pretty inconvenient but on VALENTINE’S DAY? It’s literally the fucking worst.

Is he gonna take you out? Are you gonna ghost each other for the day just so you don’t even have to recognize the holiday exists?

The whole idea of Valentine’s Day is to celebrate your love or whatever with your significant other, but what the hell do you do when you’re not even sure where you stand with him?

“There’s this guy… we’ve talked every day for the last 3 months, and we finally went on our first date a few weeks ago, but I have no clue if he’s going to ask me out on a Valentine’s Date… I have no clue if he even likes me.”

First of all, to say I relate would be an understatement. I feel like I’ve been in this type of weird situation with every guy I’ve ever talked to.

Basically, what I always tell myself is to woman up (because women are strong too) and go after what I want.

Having already known this guy for a few months and having gotten past the first date, I would guess that there’s a good chance he might ask you out on Valentine’s Day.

I wouldn’t expect this whole extravagant date with the typical clichés of chocolates, roses, and all that mushy teddy bear crap, but it’ll be even better without it. Because you’re not official (yet?), you wouldn’t want to get too intense too fast with a whole romantic setup. A lowkey date where you guys just continue to get to know each other is a better option.

Take advantage of all the love vibes floating through the air because February 14th would be a good day to grasp how he feels about you.