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Unpopular Opinion: I Hate TikTok

Honestly, I hate any social media during the semester… And here's why you should too.

How many times do you get distracted throughout the day? I bet that one of your biggest distractions is your phone. Not just your phone, but what's on your phone: TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook.

They're all on there, and they're all waiting for the moment you click on them and begin scrolling.

They suck you in! And, of course, you say you'll only be on for a minute or two… But that turns into several hours you didn't realize you spent studying the new TikTok dances on your phone.

It is a known fact that apps like TikTok and Instagram are designed to keep you scrolling and entertained, which is why it's so hard to put the phone down once you pick it up. These apps intentionally fill your #ForYou and Discover pages with content they know you'll click on based on what you follow, what you’re liking, and what you've clicked on in the past. If you don't believe me, click here.

And I know that may sound dramatic, but the next time you're lying in bed and scrolling through TikTok at 2 AM, check your screen time. If you spent more time on the app than you did doing your schoolwork, maybe you should consider taking a break… During the semester, I think we really should be deleting our socials. And before you go on thinking, "Who is this bitch to tell us to delete our socials?" Yes, I get it; we all have them… But also, these are my suggestions and opinions. I know they're unpopular ones. If you don't like it, I'm aware, and you can take what I say with a grain of salt ;)

I don't know about any of you, but I notice a significant difference in my productivity when I have access to my socials versus when I don't. If I'm working on my schoolwork and my phone goes off, I instantly feel the need to check it. Even if it's nothing super important. But the thing is, since I have my phone in my hands, I automatically think to go to Instagram or TikTok. I spend the time that I should be working on my 1000-word essay on watching videos of people dancing and making fried food out of Takis. My point isn't to turn you away from social media. They're actually amazing tools that help us stay connected with one another. But what I am trying to point out is that we have become so dependent on our phones for entertainment or even distraction. I'm scared that because we find our heads lost in our phones and apps so often, we could miss out on opportunities or even do better in school. Yeah, social media is fun and great, but please be aware that they are significant distractions also. What happens if you’re out with your girlfriends one night (not right now because we're still in a pandemic) ... But you're looking at your phone when a hot guy walks by as he's leaving? You lost your shot at giving him your number because you were looking down and liking a food pics #foodporn.

So, here's my suggestion and what you should do instead of watching other people eating Taki jalapenos without taking a sip of milk. SOCIAL MEDIA DETOX. I'm sure you weren't expecting me to say that *says sarcastically*. But I'm being serious, Temporarily delete your apps and focus on yourself and live for a while! Maybe try and get an A on that test or shoot your shot with the cute blond girl (driver's license reference) that sits in the corner of the class. Who knows, maybe you'll like not having your socials for a while. Try it out and consider, "do I really need this?"


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