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These Countries Are Planning to Pay Tourists to Visit After the Pandemic

While scrolling through travel TikTok, I came across a multitude of videos informing viewers of travel destinations that plan to essentially pay tourists to visit as the pandemic comes to an end.

photo by JK on Unsplash

After watching these TikToks for way too long, I immediately started researching because these deals seemed too good to be true. Luckily though, they turned out to be completely legitimate.

Everyone knows that during the pandemic, travel has drastically decreased due to closed borders, stay-at-home orders, and closures. To jumpstart tourism, several popular tourist destinations are offering major discounts on flights, hotels and activities.

In a four-part series, TikToker Kristina Cors explained several destinations that plan to implement a tourism program.

Sicily, Italy, is implementing a voucher program that will be up and running once their borders open. The country plans to give away 400,000 of these vouchers that pay for up to half of your flight, free hotel stays, and free access to museums. All of this information can be found on the VisitSicily website. Sign me up!

As a part of the #Come2MexicanCaribbean campaign, Cancun, Mexico is enacting a similar plan. This popular destination is offering two free nights for every two paid nights. They are also advertising 20% discounts at select attractions.

Cruise ships have released a different type of incentive to get tourists back on the water. To make sure everything is safe to set sail, Royal Caribbean is giving away free rides to volunteers willing to sail during the pandemic in order to test new COVID-19 protocols on-board. Quarantining on a cruise ship? Say less.

There is a massive wait list for this opportunity but the online form is still available to sign up at I have, of course, added myself to the waitlist because I would happily sail to a private island for free. Wouldn’t you?

Other major cruise lines are expected to follow suit in the coming months to make sure everything is ready to officially re-open.

As more people venture out and start traveling again, we are already seeing many more major discounts and travel incentives in order to jumpstart tourism and revive the destinations that we love.

Keeping up with any new destination deals as well as tips and tricks for travel is now easier than ever with all the travel accounts on TikTok. Accounts such as @kristacors, @lindsaypaigestein, and @theotherside_vlog are just a few of the many TikTokers that provide information on all things travel and give inspiration for your next trip!


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